Vizier c.2345-2181 BC
    Kagemni was a vizier and judge during the reigns of three kings during the Sixth Dynasty. His tomb, which lies to the right of that of *Mereruka at Saqqara, was excavated in 1893 and contains ten chambers. The wall-scenes in this tomb reflect the customary range of ceremonies and activities found in Old Kingdom mastabatombs: there are various agricultural pursuits and Kagemni is shown hunting in the marshes and inspecting fisheries as well as receiving gifts from his attendants. Generally, the tomb-scenes of this period reflect the everyday activities of the people employed on the great estates and provide a valuable insight into the lives of the great nobles their families and of their estate workers.
    Kagemni's name is also known from a papyrus of the Middle Kingdom (c.1900 BC), which is now in Paris. In this text (often known as the 'Instruction for Kagemni') part of which is lost, it is clear that King *Huni (who ruled at the end of the Third Dynasty) had instructed his vizier to write down his own wisdom and experience to act as a guide for his children, among whom is the future vizier, Kagemni. The vizier, Kagemni, who possessed the tomb at Saqqara would have been alive several hundred years later, but the Middle Kingdom author of this text probably recalled Kagemni as the name of a famous Old Kingdom vizier and therefore included him in the text.
    This genre of literature is sometimes referred to as 'Instructions' or 'Wisdom Literature'; these texts are believed to have originated during the Old Kingdom, and they are customarily couched in terms of advice given by an older man to his young charges. They offer counsel on how to pursue a successful course in life, and generally embody the Egyptian concepts of ethical and moral behaviour.
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Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Egypt by Rosalie and Antony E. David
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(fl. 2613 BC)
   Legendary vizier of Huniof Dynasty 3and Snefru of Dynasty 4. He was the recipient of a text of wisdom literature that has only survived in fragments and was undoubtedly composed at a later date. A historical vizier of this name is known from the reign of Teti of Dynasty 6 and may have served as a model for the literary text. His tombwas discovered in 1893 and more fully excavated during the 1920s.
Historical Dictionary Of Ancient Egypt by Morris L. Bierbrier

Ancient Egypt. A Reference Guide. . 2011.

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